Chapter 12 - A Joyful Intuition

Unconscious Messaging

When you do a target, the flow of your awareness may guide you to information that is personal. When you review your feedback, you may think this information is just wrong. Everything you experience has meaning, though that meaning may be unconscious. The same is true for the body focus. To your conscious mind, what you describe in the moment may only illuminate your perceptive abilities or the nature of your thought processes. At a deeper level you are constructing elegant interconnections between states of consciousness, between the mind and the body, and even between your sense of self and the rest of the world.
Every time you extend your intent into the subtle inner realms and validate what you experience, the connections inside you become stronger.

How is your body now?
Are there other intentions manifesting?
Do you need to stretch, move, or breathe?
Do you need a drink of water?
You can attend to those distractions.
You can validate the messages from your unconscious.

 I sincerely hope you do respond to other parts of your being when they manifest. Things that distract your focus may be the outward movements of deeper-seated intentions. A sore back can be attended to. You can stretch, breathe or just pay attention. Consider engaging with these body messages in other ways, as if they were an intelligence, or a voice speaking in a different language.

What is that sensation saying?
Can you listen to it?
Can you allow it into your awareness and follow its directives?

A sensation showing up in your body can be intuitive as well. It may provide you with direct, tangible information. For example if you have a sore back every time you are with a person. If you pay attention to that sensation, your body may be telling you something else about you or the other person. A sensation in your body may not always translate simply saying, “This is safe” or “Don’t date them.” It may mean something more subtle, “Here, is a doorway to spirit - a direct connection. Pay attention. Be aware.”

There is a subtle, intuitive messaging always alive inside you.

As you trust yourself, more and more, your inner prompting may even move you into a spontaneous physical movement, one that doesn’t even make sense. Eventually you may find true value. I’ve known people who give gifts with this kind of inner trust. They have no conscious idea why a certain gift should go to a certain person. But they trust it. The receiver of the gift may say how synchronistic it was to get it just then. This reaction confirms the giver’s intuition to give it. Other times they get no feedback at all, but they still trust their gift-giving urge.

You can be present with whatever flows through you without any expectations of results.
What is manifesting within you now?

Reaching out with Intuition

So here’s another exercise with feedback. Read this exercise through first, and then do it.
Start with a brief body focus.

Take two or three deep, relaxing breaths.
Tune into your senses.
What colors do you see?
What you are feeling?
Are you warm?
Are you feeling any emotions?

Observe what you are experiencing mentally and emotionally.

Describe these senses.

If you feel a need to respond in some way to what you’re sensing, do so.

Remember a conversation you had recently with a close friend.
Remember the sound of her voice, phrases she used, and your feelings when talking with her.

You connect to this person through these memories.
You begin to resonate with them in the present.

Now ask yourself a question;

Is she home? Is she at work? Is she feeling happy, sad, etc. Ask yourself questions you don’t know the answer to.
After asking, wait for an answer.

 Notice anything you experience after you ask the question and write it down.
Pay attention to your first perceptions.

Ask another question.
Remember to be respectful of her privacy.
Don’t ask a question you wouldn’t ask your friend in person.

Release the question and wait for the answer.
Write down all your perceptions, feelings, even thoughts while this is happening.
It’s all part of the flow of this exercise.

Is there anything else you want to know?

 Ask as many questions as you want, noticing any perceptions you have for each question.

Pay attention to your responses.
Write them down.

After asking all the questions you want, check in with yourself again.

Has anything else changed in you?
Describe that.

Do the exercise now.

After you’re finished, call your friend.
Share with her what you’re doing.
Ask your questions.
Be aware how you feel as you get your feedback.
You are in an intuitive process and learning about yourself.

What responses do you have as you get your feedback?
Write them down. Take notes. Remember, you’re learning.
Thank them for helping you with your exploration.

When you’re done with your conversation, go back to your list. Circle the answers you feel were intuitive perceptions. Remember the sensations you had for the these answers. Was there any consistency? How about the ones that didn’t seem related to the feedback?

This exercise is a nice example of directly applying intuition. There are unlimited ways to make intuition practical. Any time you are going to get information by regular methods, you can check your intuition first. Ask, pay attention, and note your results. Then get your feedback. Every new experience becomes part of your learning.

In fact, any time you experience a change, you can be more open to the possibility of intuitive sensitivity.


What happens when you enter into that person’s house? Describe it? Does it have meaning to you?

What happens when you’re at work and you get a pleasant sense that reminds you of another friend? Do you imagine they’re thinking about you? Call them and see. Unless you ask, you’ll miss the opportunity to validate your intuition. What’s the worst that could happen? If they weren’t thinking of you, tell them you were thinking of them. Your energy extends to them and may even change their day in a positive way. That may have been the reason the thought came into your mind in the first place.

When you trust your intuition, you activate a personal intelligence and wisdom that can be deeply meaningful and fulfilling. Using your intuition doesn’t replace your ability to think rationally. It just augments it and balances it. Intuition is intimately connected with reason. You can be very logical and highly intuitive at the same time. You may experience a slight shift in your awareness while talking with a friend or walking to work. Paying attention to that information may enrich the quality of your present experience and your work day.

Imagine having an unconscious ally that’s aligning every conscious experience with the manifestation of your deepest intentions.

Can you be open and receptive to those influences?